The differences between the sun, moon and rising signs

The differences between the sun, moon and rising sign

Almost everyone knows their star sign which is any of the 12 zodiac signs but that is not enough to deeply know your personality and overall identity. Depending on the situation, the sun, moon and rising signs in astrology also play a vital role in how you approach life. Check out their differences below:

The sun or the self

The sun represents your main identity and the highest expression of yourself. You can know your sun sign based on your date of birth. It is believed that your personality traits are based on what zodiac signs the sun was in when you were born. Various sign calculators can determine what exactly your sun sign is. Once you knew what your sign is, check out what it says about you below:

  • If you are an air sign, you love to show your intellect and like to be around people
  • Fire signs get their motivation from inspiration and physical activities
  • Earth signs are motivated by material needs and always seek productivity
  • Water signs are motivated by emotional desires and experiences involving intimacy and romance.

The moon or the heart

The moon represents the soul and the subconscious side of yourself. This is your identity that you always keep hidden which often drives your emotional reactions. With the help of the moon sign, you can get to know your inner world more. To know your moon sign, you need your exact date and time of birth. Try various sign calculators online to determine what exactly your moon sign is. When you got your sign, check out what it says about you below:

  • If you are an air sign, you react to experiences objectively. Social interactions are the best way for you to get to know yourself better
  • Fire signs react to experiences excitedly by expressing confidence and showing strength
  • Earth signs react with stability
  • Water sign reacts with strong emotions

The rising sign or the mask

The ascendant or also known as the rising sign is your social personality. It represents your physical style and acts as your mask. You can determine your rising sign based on your birth time. Determine your rising sign by using various sign calculators online. Once you found out your rising sign, check out what it says about you below:

  • If you are an air sign, you are quick and friendly
  • Fire signs are confident and blunt
  • Earth signs are focused on the material world
  • Water signs are empathetic

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