Is astrology true?

Famous Astrologer Baba: Is astrology true?

Astrology has been used for the last thousand years and remains popular even today. It is the study of the positions and moves of various celestial bodies to predict human affairs. Many people believe that it works and that it can predict the future. However, many scientists refuse to back up this belief. This article talks about whether astrology is real or not. Read on below to learn more.

Is astrology real

Though the zodiac signs and horoscope readings are popular, people’s thoughts about the validity of these are still divided. Some people firmly believe in the accuracy of astrology and some do not. For most people who get accurate personality and future predictions based on astrology, it might be because of coincidences. Based on psychiatrist Carl Jung, coincidences are made by invisible strings which connect everything around you to your life events. 

Since the accuracy of astrology is constantly changing, it is hard to predict and test whether it is true or not. Maybe what happened to you today is the same as what you have read on your horoscope, but tomorrow can be different. The question ‘is astrology real?’ can be answered by yes and no, depending on who you ask. If you ask a scientist or a researcher, the answer might be a blunt no, read on to learn why.

Scientific evidence that astrology is real

Many people believe that astrology is real but not a single piece of scientific evidence proves that it is. Though many researchers have conducted various studies to see whether it is real, every result does not correlate with astrology.

The good news is that NASA believes one thing about astrology is scientifically true: the zodiac signs. However, NASA studies astronomy and not astrology. Thus, they do not support the idea behind the traits and predictions of each zodiac sign.

Can astrology still be scientifically true?

Proving astrology is scientifically true will be hard and almost impossible since its results are so general and coincidental to the point that it is not testable. Though there are few cases where it was examined in careful scientific studies, the results did not support its validity.

Even if there are no scientific studies that can back up that astrology is true yet. Historical evidence dating back to the BC era shows how it helps people make conscious decisions. Astrology can be true as long as you firmly believe that your life events are correlated to your sign. Maybe astrology is not yet scientifically true, but it will not kill the believers to use it as guiding tools on their life decisions.

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